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Dialogue Theory designed the covers of the 10 Ideas journal series for the New York-based progressive think tank, the Roosevelt Institute. The series features six journals covering topics in Energy and Environment, Health Care, Defense and Diplomacy, Education, Equal Justice, and Economic Development.


Each cover aims to illustrate the concepts behind the featured article in each journal. Of the two covers shown above, the first illustrates the issue of the UNHCR moving towards a clearer definition of what a “refugee” is. In the future, this will allow the UNHCR to better protect and render aid to contemporary displaced peoples. The second deals with the issue of cities’ reliance on watersheds as their sources of drinkable water, and combines imagery of a lake and forest with the imagery of an urban canyon.

We used a low-poly style executed in Blender to produce the 3d-illustrations. The graphic below shows the wire render alongside the final, textured and lit illustration. Move the slider to see how they compare:


Below, another cover shows the challenge of rising water levels brought about by global climate change (manifested here as increasingly stormy, polygonal waves) and the progress of green technologies we can use to combat those changes.


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