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Sampson Community College, a Clinton, NC based community college that provides accessible and affordable education, workforce training and lifelong enrichment, needed a cutting-edge and highly usable website to replace their aging design, fuel increased engagement among prospective students and parents, and support a recent rebrand. We proposed that the design be developed and implemented on Percussion CM1 to enable painless editing and maintenance, extensibility, and flexibility in navigation.

Drag the slider below to see Sampson Community College’s homepage before and after our redesign:


Soon after we kicked off the design project, it became obvious that the new design would represent such a dramatic departure from their existing look and feel that it offered an opportunity to further refine Sampson’s brand. We worked to modernize their logo, retaining campus imagery such as their iconic clock tower while giving it a memorable, towering touch.

The new SCC website is fully-responsive, featuring accordion menus with quick links for key audiences (such as current students, applicants, parents, alumni, and faculty), a donation-focused Alumni Center, student testimonials, a campus tour, and more. For the first time ever, the SCC course catalog is now online, giving the college a tremendous amount of content that will contribute to SEO efforts and help their offerings get found in online search.

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Logo Design

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