Promoting government transparency and civic engagement

Dialogue Theory was approached by CIPP (Center for Integrity and Public Policy) in Puerto Rico with the goal of creating a website that would function as a focal point for anyone wishing to access Puerto Rico’s open data, whether they be journalists, economists, policymakers, professors, students, or citizens.

Dialogue Theory worked closely with the board of directors at CIPP to design and implement a bilingual website capable of easily guiding users to a wide variety of different datasets; from governmental and demographic data to data dealing with health and the environment. ABRE Puerto Rico (Open Puerto Rico) was envisioned with the goal of increasing transparency in regard to government and fiscal data.


Beyond web design, a new logo and brand was needed for this initiative. In designing the brand, particular care was taken to avoid colors associated with the major political parties active in Puerto Rico, so as not to appear to align politically with any one group. Avoiding the appearance of bias was especially important given Puerto Rico’s highly partisan political landscape. The logo represents the island itself, made up of a network of interconnected datapoints.


To support the launch of ABRE Puerto Rico, Dialogue Theory also produced bilingual infographics using ABRE’s open datasets, in order to disseminate information surrounding salient issues in the public discourse, and also to demonstrate the wide variety of uses for ABRE’s open data. These pieces took the form of static infographics on the municipal debt situation and covering the impact of the drug trade on Puerto Rico’s crime statistics, motion graphics exploring the risk of governmental default, and interactive graphics built with Mapbox and D3.js visualizing demographic and budgetary information.




After launching, ABRE Puerto Rico received an OpenGov grant from the Sunlight Foundation for its work in making local-level government data more accessible.

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