52% of marketing professionals name video as the type of content with the best ROI.   

Animated web video is dynamic, engaging and shareable. Whether you want to explain your product or promote your cause, animated video can help easily and intuitively express information to viewers. Short-form (1-2 minute) pieces can form a vital part of your marketing campaign.


Our process

We begin by understanding as much as you do about your product or cause. Once we have a solid grasp of your product, intended audience, and goals, we can craft a clear explanatory narrative with a resonant message.

From here, our team will put together a concept and script for the video which will be shared with you for feedback and revision.

Once approved, storyboards and mock-ups follow laying out the progression of the narrative and helping you visualize how the animation will flow from scene to scene. Again, we collaborate with your team to tweak and modify the visuals and script.

After approval of the storyboards, we begin animating, updating you throughout the process. Voice-over, music and sound design options are presented and produced at this stage.

Finally, we deliver the video to you in whatever formats you need. We'll even submit shorter pieces optimized for Instagram and social media.

Our work

Want to see more of our work? Check out our reel of information design, data visualization, broadcast and typographic work below.


In addition to web video, our work has been featured on PBS, the WORLD Channel, and WashingtonPost.com.

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