Discovery provides the awareness that informs strategy.

A strong Discovery process results in a deep and intuitive understanding of the brand, customer, and competitive landscape against which a design or growth process will unfold. When preparing to redesign a website or craft a digital marketing strategy, tactics, process, and technology selection should all be informed by Discovery findings.


Identify and clarify:

•Organizational mission, culture, benefit, and differentiation
•Strategic goals and key performance indicators
•Key audiences and their needs
•How to best engage audiences
•Competitive footprint, design approach, and tactics
•Weaknesses of the current digital marketing portfolio
•Challenges to project success
•New growth opportunities
•Technology stack and critical technology requirements



average cost savings realized by conducting Discovery prior to RFP across enterprise web design projects



of key stakeholders were surprised by the results of the Discovery process



reduction in post-kickoff scope creep and budget overruns on projects with pre-procurement Discovery


Build a solid foundation for your redesign with a range of tactics.


Stakeholder Interviews

Clarify needs and generate buy-in while identifying risks and opportunities.


Content Inventory

Identify gaps in your content strategy and while dramatically reducing content migration risks.


Competitive Analysis

Understand your competitors' marketing footprint and digital marketing strategy.


SEO Audit

Understand you and your competitors' search rankings, audit on-page factors, and surface opportunities.


User Research

Understand your most important audiences' expectations, needs, frustrations, and biases.

Guided Workshops

Leverage collaborative activities like mind-mapping and design reviews to generate a wealth of ideas.


Usability Audit

Identify problems in your current user experience while discover new growth levers.


We've helped the best define a path forward.

We've helped define the future state for the websites of leading B2B companies, consumer brands, banks and credit unions, nonprofits, and government agencies.

Our clients want their next website to deliver the very best experiences the web has to offer, amplifying engagement and driving growth while allowing them to move at the speed of business. We help build a foundation for those experiences by identifying project scope, dramatically reducing risk, generating vital internal buy-in, and aligning key stakeholders.