• Simplify access to key online banking tools

  • Drive increased discovery of Hiway via search engines

  • Create a beautiful, memorable brand experience

Hiway Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative serving 65,000 members worldwide, with over $1 billion in assets. Based in St. Paul, MN, Hiway differentiates itself by providing a personal experience and extraordinary standards in personal service.

Having recently made a number of investments in improving the online experience it provides to members (including the evaluation and selection of a new online banking platform and the deployment of a new content management system), the Hiway team approached us for help redesigning the website's user experience to meet the needs of an increasingly savvy and demanding membership.



We worked closely with the Hiway team over the course of several months to rethink the web experience from the ground up, developing a more intuitive navigation system and a flexible set of templates designed to emphasize Hiway's differentiation while spurring visitors to action.

We created a homepage design that highlighted the benefits of joining the financial cooperative while providing quick and convenient access to the new online banking platform and a host of other key tools.

We also helped Hiway refine its brand voice and copy to present a more compelling, resonant narrative to its members and prospective members. A messaging exercise conducted as part of the website redesign ensures cohesion between all components of the online brand.


The launch of the site, which completed Hiway's transition to Percussion CMS, won the Hiway team rave reviews from members.

Our work also served to establish a set of design standards across both online and offline assets, carrying us into next phase of the project, which includes ongoing optimization of the experience and a focus on driving measurable improvements in SEO.




increrase in organic search traffic



increase in average time on site


1.3 sec

homepage loading time, down from 3.5 sec before redesign

I think this website just set a new industry standard.
— Sharon Bechstein, Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist