• Streamlining content management

  • Improving user experience

  • Amplifying lead generation

Serving over a quarter of the Fortune 1000, Ceridian is a global leader in human capital management, enabling thousands of companies around the world to design their workforce for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Ceridian's commitment to web content as an effective way of demonstrating its domain expertise and supporting its clients is considerable, with its marketing team managing tens of thousands of pages across numerous international domains. We were approached shortly after Ceridian conducted a migration of their web presence to Percussion CM1, and asked to explore how the web content management system was deployed by their development partner and make recommendations to streamline contribution and improve maintenance and governance.

After structural improvements to the website’s underlying content management framework had been made and tested, Ceridian asked us to help refine the aging user experience. We've worked with the team on an ongoing basis to better aligning the site design to the corporate identity and craft a more intuitive, conversion-focused user experience.



We started by conducting a comprehensive audit of Ceridian's content management system, which had been deployed by a firm less experienced in Percussion. We identified and implemented a series of improvements, both front- and back-end, from enhancements to navigation and template structure to workflow and publishing protocols.

We also designed a series of updated templates, replacing their aging designs with fully-responsive, more visually impactful layouts. Solid colors replaced textures, a custom web typography scheme based on Avenir replaced image-based text, and we emphasized calls-to-action across the entire site to drive conversions.

Since our initial kickoff, we've continued to support Ceridian by integrating Eloqua CRM across the site, creating new purpose-driven templates as needed, implementing changes for improved SEO, building dynamic functionality such as complex filters for resource pages, creating product images and screenshots, supporting platform upgrades, and more.